New Koi House in Japan and Breeding video!

Over the past few weeks Saito San from Shintaro Koi Farm has been sending me some brilliant videos.

Shintaro Koi Farm is in the process of not only breeding their new babies, but also building a brand new Koi House.

The new house is where his existing Truck Tosai house is and it will also be used for housing more Tosai. This will give the farm more space to grow on Koi to larger sizes and also give them more small Koi to sell in the Spring, which is key to all breeders business. The majority of Koi Keepers buy small Koi, and that is the world over.

So I put together a video of the new house being constructed. Its not finished yet and I hope to carry on the series as and when I receive the video from them.

While this is going on, they are also at their busiest time of the year… Breeding! This is a very busy period, not much sleep and a lot of hard work making sure the new fry are safe and sound, as well as the parent Koi, which are what keeps the company going are all fine too. Its not easy.

However they have sent me video for me to show you all. I have been in Japan while this happens and its amazing to watch.

Really is interesting.


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