New Koi update – Friday 13th December

Sorry for lack of updates but with the new Koi, new pond and sales, plus a lot of large deliveries we have been pretty busy.

Its not a bad thing really because the new Koi have had exactly what they need, which is a lot of LEAVING ALONE!

We made the decision for the second year of bringing the Koi back the first week in December, pretty much the same day as last year. We do this because again, we have brought back a lot of large Koi. The biggest being a 86cm Kohaku, then a 81cm Kohaku, a 76cm Tancho Kohaku and many more. The older in Japan the better for the big females which are all massive after the Summer growing. In the cold they won’t move about too much in the bag and thrash.

All the Koi now have been with us a week and look great. They are warmer than us, and now eating like its going out of a fashion, which is perfect. They are on their second treatment which is for parasites. Also because they have been VERY stressed with the shipping they will produce a lot of mucous so we have to make sure we get that down too. If they start producing too much it will cost their gills and this can lead to many issues. They do look great though.

They will be in QT all over xmas and we don’t really want to start netting and bowling them just yet. We will look again next week where will start moving the sold Koi to other systems and try and organise the Koi better. When they arrive in the UK our priority is to get them into fresh good water. I am not a fan of taking hours to select each Koi when they arrive.

I will do a Vlog of the new Koi over the weekend.

Here are a couple of video we took underwater so you can have a look.


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