New Koi Update

No matter how many times we have imported the Koi over the decades, we are always aware how difficult it is to get Tosai back up to full health. They are always weak due to the breeders not feeding which is partly our fault because we never know exact dates we will ship, the Airlines don’t always have room, in fact its getting harder and harder to get the Koi on a plane in one go.

So they haven’t been fed for a while and also they are very young Koi that need that food.

People will think we just stick them in the QT facility and let them get on with it. The key to our QT is stability. We keep them at a stable temperature and we give them plenty of fresh water. We do check for parasites but as we have done this many times, we do have our own protocols which we put into place when the new Koi arrive. This is a mixture of treatments over a certain time frame.

We do use Salt when they arrive as they are in salt back in Japan so we take a lot of time safely getting the salt out of the systems but not too fast.

The main thing is constantly checking the Koi, day and night. We spend all day with them and check them ALL the time, make sure there are none lying down, making sure they are all feeding etc. Then we do scrapes on the Koi, and from the different breeders. However the main aim is to feed them and get them as strong as possible.

We are coming up on a week and we are still checking, checking then checking again, we won’t settle until the 3 week mark when we know the Koi are on the up.

They really look good up to now but that can change in an hour.

As always the Nexus 320’s are working perfectly, that’s all we use on our Quarantine systems because we know they perform extremely well, we have to have a filter we are 100% confident with. A Nexus will never fail on us because there is no moveable parts to break. So we know they will keep going and going, no matter what. We are also using the filter boost Gel from Evolution Aqua which we really rate. We put a lot of pressure on the filters all at once, but they power through it without a problem, this is why we only recommend these filters.

Here are a couple of videos of the new Koi in QT from the last day.