New Quarantine pond part 3!

Here is part 3 of the new pond build in the QT facility.

We have been so surprised at how fast this pond has actually gone up. The plan was to start using it next Spring, now for the next shipment. However if we can get it fibre glassed this week then there is no reason we cannot have it running for when the new Koi arrive.

If you take in actual man hours to build this pond its probably been around 3 days start to finish. That includes laying the concrete base, blocking the pond, king spanning the inside and then rendering the outside.

Before everyone thinks that normal, it’s not.

We didn’t have to worry about access, we didn’t have to worry about getting rid of waste. We had pretty much everything at hand so Kev and Dave had everything right where they needed it. This couldn’t be done as easily, depending on each situation.

Really happy with it. Cannot wait to get the filter on this next week.

Stay tuned for part 4.


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