New Shipment, Videos and Corona Update.

New Shipment, Videos…Corona?

I usually really pre advertise when a new shipment is coming in but to honest, I didn’t want to tempt fate with all that is going on at the moment.

However, the great news is, the shipment arrives tomorrow from Japan. These are the Tosai we picked during the All Japan Koi Show trip last month. We have some excellent Koi arriving.

With all that’s going on I have been a little on edge wondering if the plane would be cancelled like many flights all over the world. It would have affected us pretty bad if we could not get these Koi in, but thankfully, they are on the way.

Obviously, they will now go straight into Quarantine and rested after their travels before they are put on sale, which we will keep you informed about on our Website, Facebook and our YouTube channel. We hope they will be in QT for around 4 weeks.  This will depend on the Koi.

We have now moved the Koi over that came in last December and they are now in the retail facility ready for viewing. I will try my best to get as many on the website as I possibly can this coming weekend.

Here is a video when we moved them over. You can see some of the Koi we have moved across.


The Youtube channel has been kind of exploding over the last month or so. We only ever really used it for small video clips to post on our website. We never really did Videos on subjects. I did. A few Harvest videos etc but now we have really started pushing content so please subscribe and check out the ponds etc we have been filming. I will include the latest one here.



As most of us, I am as confused as everyone. I do not know from day to day what changes will be made. We have livestock here that always need to be checked daily, we need to make sure the pumps are all working, and the Koi are in good condition. So, no matter what we will have to be here to make sure all the fish are fine.

Call outs and maybe even deliveries will probably have to come to a halt pretty soon, but we will continue to follow Government guidelines and go from there. Paul and I are doing okay, no symptoms or anything like that for now. So as long as that is the case, we will be here. If anyone is concerned about coming up to the shop, we can always take a payment over the phone and leave products in a collection container outside of the shop. I hope everyone we know are okay and managing their lives, which we understand won’t be easy!


If you are self-isolating and are local to the shop and need anything, let us know and we can see if we can drop products off, food etc. There is pretty much nothing we don’t have in stock.


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