Nexus 220 Automatic Cleaning Kit – Gravity

Take cleaning efficiency to a new level with the Nexus 220 Automatic Cleaning Kit – Gravity. This kit is an innovative addition to the multi-award-winning Nexus filtration systems, providing full automation of the cleaning cycle. Say goodbye to the days of manually turning ball valves and switching pumps. This easy-to-install kit fully automates all key processes involved in the cleaning cycle, saving you time and effort. The system is factory-set to clean once every three days, but the timer can be easily adjusted to fit your pond’s specific needs. A cleaning cycle takes approximately 10 minutes. Key Features: – Hassle-free cleaning for Nexus filtration systems. – Easy to install on Nexus filters made after 2006. – Comes with an electronic control box that automatically operates valves and pumps. – Adjustable timer for customized cleaning frequency. – Manual cleaning cycle can also be initiated at the touch of a button. – Available in both GRAVITY and PUMP FED versions. For optimal water quality, it’s commonly recommended to change 10% of the water volume in your pond or aquarium weekly. The Nexus Automatic system can be set to align with this guideline. Additionally, for the best performance, a turnover rate of every 2 to 3 hours is recommended. This ensures the total volume of the pond passes through the filter system within that time frame. You can buy the Nexus 220 Automatic Cleaning Kit – Gravity here

Nexus 220 Automatic Cleaning Kit - Gravity