Nexus 320 Automatic Kit – Gravity

Say goodbye to manually turning ball valves and switching pumps. The Nexus 320 Automatic Kit brings automation to your pond maintenance. Developed with innovation at its core, this kit automates the cleaning process of Nexus filtration systems. It’s compatible with Nexus filters manufactured post-2006, making it a flexible solution for many pond owners. The electronic control box will manage valves and pumps, making the cleaning process as hands-free as possible. It comes with an adjustable timer that lets you set the frequency of cleaning cycles to suit your specific needs. Once installed, the system can perform cleaning cycles at timed intervals or upon manual activation. Each cleaning cycle lasts approximately 10 minutes. Designed for both gravity and pump-fed installations, the kit includes an automated waste valve, an air pump control box, and an automatic inlet slide plate for gravity-fed models. Given that it’s recommended to change 10% of your pond’s water volume weekly, you can program your Nexus Automatic System to align with this guidance. Ensure your pond is always at its best with the Nexus 320 Automatic Kit. You can buy the Nexus 320 Automatic Kit – Gravity here

Nexus 320 Automatic Kit - Gravity