Nexus 320 PLUS: The Next Generation Filtration System for Koi Ponds

If you’re passionate about Koi ponds, then you’ve likely heard of Evolution Aqua’s Nexus filtration systems. They have taken their world-renowned technology and made it even better with the new Nexus 320 PLUS. But what makes it stand out?

Firstly, the Nexus 320 PLUS comes with new K Media in its moving bed outer chamber, enhancing biological filtration significantly and allowing for faster filter maturation. This new media is designed to be highly efficient in converting harmful elements like Ammonia and Nitrite into less toxic forms, making your Koi pond a safer environment for its inhabitants.

What’s more, the system is now supplied ‘auto ready.’ That means it comes with factory-fitted fixings, making it easier than ever to upgrade to the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System. Say goodbye to the labor-intensive process of cleaning your pond’s filter, as this system automates it for you.

When it comes to specifications, the Nexus 320 PLUS has a maximum pond size of 34,000 liters and a recommended flow rate of 11,000 liters per hour. It includes 20 liters of K1 Micro in its Eazy filter and up to 300 liters of K Media can be added for biological treatment.

One feature you can’t overlook is the dual filtration‚Äîmechanical and biological. The water enters the Nexus and first undergoes mechanical filtration where larger solids are allowed to settle, and finer particles are removed. It then moves to the biological chamber where the K Media does its magic. This two-step process ensures that your pond water is free from both physical debris and harmful biological elements.

Note: Installing the Nexus 320 PLUS requires a solid, level base, and failure to meet this requirement could void your warranty.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a highly efficient, easy-to-use, and upgradeable filtration system for your Koi pond, the Nexus 320 PLUS is the way to go. You can buy the Nexus 320 PLUS: The Next Generation Filtration System for Koi Ponds here

Nexus 320 PLUS: The Next Generation Filtration System for Koi Ponds