Pure Pond Bomb.

Are you tired of constantly struggling with murky, unhealthy pond water? Look no further than the award-winning Pure Pond Bomb! This Pond Product of the Year 2016 has once again been voted as the top choice by readers of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine, and for good reason.

Pure Pond Bomb is a concentrated version of the already successful Pure Pond, making it even more effective at achieving crystal clear, healthy water in your pond. Whether you have a Koi pond, ornamental pond, self-contained water feature, or a pond without traditional filtration, the Pure Pond Bomb is the perfect solution for your water woes.

Inside the Pond Bomb, you’ll find a unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes that go to work as soon as it hits the water. These powerful microorganisms help to break down organic waste and harmful ammonia and nitrite, leaving your water clear and healthy. And don’t worry about overdoing it – Pure Pond Bomb is impossible to overdose on.

For new filters, simply drop the Pure Pond Bomb into the biological stage and let the high concentration of bacteria help to speed up the maturation process. Please note that this product is not intended to clear green water, but an appropriate UV light is recommended for that issue.

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Don’t let murky water ruin your enjoyment of your pond. With Pure Pond Bomb, you can have crystal clear, healthy water in no time. You can buy the Pure Pond Bomb. here

Pure Pond Bomb.