Quality Nishikigoi – Latest update

Just a quick thank you for everyone who has respected the new Covid 19 restrictions, you have been brilliant. The phone has not stopped ringing with people needed things for their ponds. Thank you. This will stay in effect until anything changes. Please do not come for a browse at this moment.

Our Youtube channel is exploding and we still cannot believe how popular this has become. We have added a couple of videos the last week including one posted today with the current larger Koi we have in stock. However many were sold today.

If there is anything you like please get in touch ASAP. You can email us info@qualitynishikigoi.com

We also posted a great video featuring a 32,000 gallon pond we built 10 years ago!

You will enjoy that one!

Also a video on why we use Nexus filtration at Quality Nishikigoi.

Thank you so much for watching. We are trying to come up with new content but not easy at the moment. We have 5 clients who are at the fibre glass stage of their builds, and 4\5 ponds all up and running we need to do videos on.

A comment today just said “Thank you, you have cheered me up” That was a really cool comment and we are happy we did.


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