Quality Nishikigoi Update May 23rd

We would like to start by wishing everyone well in the current climate and hope you are all finding everything as well as you can, in these very strange times.

We have still been getting a lot of products out to our clients, over 10 Nexus this past week, plus all the auto kits, UV’s and pumps etc. Unfortunately we have run out of 10,000 Varipumps and we expect them back in stock at the end of the month. We had run out of a lot of fittings and pipe but we have just received a massive order so now we are back to full stock of all pipe and fittings.

We managed to get a small shipment in from Japan, so I would like to thank all involved. It was hard for me not picking them myself and I miss Japan a lot, so am thankful I can talk to them over FaceTime and similar. Massive thank you to Sato office who arranged the shipping of the Koi for me, they worked very hard to get the job done, and we appreciate it very much. With freight costs going through the roof because of the current climate it was a challenge for sure, however between the breeders we got the Koi from and the shipper, it all worked out perfectly.

It was difficult for us to bring back large Koi this shipment because in Japan its just too hot. Large female Koi will have eggs now, its the breeding season in Japan, so the risk of bringing big Koi back is one we did not want to take. They can easily drop their eggs in the bag during shipment and no Koi can survive that. We are hearing positive news about October, and the chances of actually going to Japan for the Harvests is looking a little better each day, but we all know that can change in an hour! So we will see what happens. No matter how much I miss Japan and my friends over there, it must be 100% safe before we travel to see them again.

So we got in 20 boxes of mainly Tosai, and some Nisai. We did get some beautiful Jumbo Tosai from Shintaro which are amazing in the flesh, we are so happy with them.

We also got some excellent Tosai from Masaki and Yamasaki. I picked these 2 breeders because they were the same Koi as we picked when we were there in February on the All Japan Koi Show trip. So I knew the fish, and I knew the quality. However I forgot that in that time they have grown!! Wait till you see them next week when I do a video, wow. Here is a quick clip from today… WAIT FOR IT…

They are now settling into the Quarantine facility, which is a separate facility to the retail side here at Quality Nishikigoi. We will give them a few days before we start the treatment protocol we have in place for the new arrivals. Updates here and our Youtube channel will be coming soon.

Speaking of the Youtube channel… It is growing really well, in the last 28 days alone we have had over 300,000 views on our videos!!  We would like to thank all the subscribers who are really getting involved and enjoying the content we are putting up. We are able to get to a few more ponds now so the content will keep coming. Also a few help videos on the cards for various Koi related video.

Here are a few of the most recent videos for you to have a watch… Please make sure you subscribe to the channel, when we hit 10,000 Subscribers the prize will be huge! So make sure you are in with a chance of winning it by subscribing to the channel.





We started a new pond build last week so that will be coming up soon, along with a lot more.

This pond should be coming up tonight…


People who have been following the new pond build on Youtube, which many of you have. The pond is 4000 gallons and we are trialing just a 30″ K1 Micro Bead. The pump is an Varipump 20,000 and the beauty of the pump is that we can alter the speed to get the optimum setting, and we also now know the speeds to run when the pond is setting up, its been a great experiment and we have really learned a lot from doing it. We have had a few issues, like everyone with the dreaded blanket weed but the Bead has really got it out, very impressed. We are at around 90% clarity as of today and getting better each day.

So again, thank you to everyone who continues to support us in this current climate and I hope you all stay safe, and hope we continue to get back back to some kind of normality.

Thank you

Tim and Paul.


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