Quality Nishikigoi Update.

We would like to start by thanking everyone in these difficult times for following the new rules we have in place for click and collect at the shop. It has worked really well. While difficult we have managed to get food and equipment out to our clients, old and new. While we have been allowed to open as we deal with live stock and cannot do that from home, everyone has been great when social distancing and cleaning everything down. Thank you again.

The couriers have been really good too, while things have taken longer to arrive, most of the stuff is out now.

We have managed to send some Koi, on a Wednesday only. Please don’t worry if you haven’t received the Koi yet, you will. Last week we sent 10 boxes out all in one day, and its hard to do anymore than that because we want the Koi in the bags for as little time as possible. We have personally delivered to London, Birmingham and other parts of the UK when we have had 10 plus boxes to deliver.

The Tosai are now pretty much sold out, as are the larger Koi. It has been a very busy period for us with uncertainty about any new Koi coming in from Japan, but we hope to have some news about that this coming week, fingers crossed.

A big thank you to Evolution Aqua for keeping up with the orders and getting them out on time. In 7 weeks we have sold around 30 Nexus units, plus all the equipment that goes with them, plus many K1 Micro Beads. Not only great for us as a business but its so good to see so many new ponds springing up. Very good for our industry.

The YouTube channel is still growing very fast, its pretty overwhelming actually, I have never known a social media quite like it. You can see all the new videos on this website as they automatically show up here

However here are a few of the most recent, including our very own Pauls pond!



We hope you are all safe, and we hope we can welcome you to Quality Nishikigoi very soon.

Thank you.

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