September update from Quality Nishikigoi.

Hello everybody,

Sorry the updates on the website have been slow in coming, we are still enjoying a very busy time at the shop and with a lot of pond work going on.

Its been a very productive year and we thank all our clients who have used us for equipment and services so far. Paul and I keep saying it will slow down soon but it seems to be getting busier.

We are well over the 100 mark on Nexus and Beads in a matter of 4 months, and these have been going all over the UK. We have been doing installs all over the country too.

The best place at present to see what we are up to is on our Instagram channel QualityNishikigoi

and our very busy Youtube channel, I will add some of a our recent works on this post, please subscribe for future projects and builds.

While most of our current work is upgrading existing systems and installs on ponds that the client has done the build, we are now taking on our second full build of the year, thankfully its closer to home so updates on this in-ground 10,000Gallon pond will be coming.

We have been doing some commercial work too so check these pictures out.

This is a 15,000 Gallon Pond we are working on.

Stock is getting a little bit easier to get in, however when it does come in its going straight out. Evolution Aqua Airpumps and Varipumps are back in stock but unfortunately we are needing to use these for jobs we are currently doing. Please let us know if you need anything. The Varipumps are now coming in more often with another delivery expected from EA this month.

The new K1 Plus media has been launched by Evolution Aqua and we have been testing the new sinking version on our 4000 Gallon pond in our Quarantine facility.

Check out this video on the new media.

All new Nexus are now being shipped with the new media.

Check out a few of our recent projects…


We are still very unsure on what’s happening when it comes to the Autumn Harvests. We are of course desperate to go and get new stock but with the current situation we just don’t know, it changes from day to day. The very day we are allowed to leave for Japan we will be there, no doubt at all. After visiting Japan every year for the past 27 years I miss the place a lot, I was out in February but should have been back at least once since then and I would hate to miss the Autumn Harvests! We will update on our Koitrips site ASAP!

So a massive thanks to everyone who has supported us this year and we will keep on with the updates.


Tim and Paul.