Shintaro Number one Harvest! Jumbo!!

What a day…Its so hard to explain how good these days are.

The breeders, the clients and the Koi. It was one of the best harvests we have ever done here. The Koi were simply amazing. Some up to 90cm over. Incredible.

Also with my back not being in the best condition this trip, we actually see Masaru Saito lifting some of his jumbo Koi. I did most but towards the end I could feel my back…

Its strange really because I have no pictures of him harvesting jumbo Koi because its me who usually does them all. Good to see he is still the master, even though he did have a fight with a Showa toward the end!

Great to see Kosuke Saito getting to grips with the Harvest, he made it look easy!!

Also a special shout out to Masaki Aoki, this guy can really lift Koi. No effort at all. Class.

Check out the Video…Watch in HD.




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