Spring update from Quality Nishikigoi

Hi everyone,


Just a quick update from Quality Nishikigoi.

2021 has pretty much continued from 2020 for us which means we are really busy and have been throughout winter. With pond upgrades and builds plus new fish now arriving at the shop.

As many know, we were lucky enough to get to Japan last November with the help of the breeders and the Japanese embassy in London who granted our business Visa. It was a nice trip being one of the VERY few who made it out there. We managed to find some amazing Koi for us, and our clients. In total we exported over 500 boxes from Japan from this trip which is massive for us. Many going to the USA dealers for re-sale in the States.

We got the first shipment in February and they are just about to finish quarantine. We got 1300 Koi in on the shipment and unfortunately 75% of these are now already sold…

However, we have a new shipment coming in next week which we are very excited about. Some of these WILL be going up on the website. I have just finished preparing the website for this to happen so please be patient. Koi of all sizes and varieties.


I know it can be frustrating for people who want to buy our Koi who cannot get into the shop but please remember, we do have a very loyal following of clients who we have dealt with for decades who buy the Koi from us like they have for many years.


The YouTube channel has helped us to sell a lot of Tosai the last 2 years. The greatest thing about this for us is how many people from the previous years are coming back to us buying more Koi and not just tosai, we appreciate you guys so much. Return business is what we are here for.


Pond builds are booked up for a long time. With the Koi in the shop and customers coming into the shop we don’t have time for any full builds. We are doing many filter upgrade’s though and continue to do this. We have 18 booked in as I type, all over the UK.

Last year saw us sell in excess of 100 full pond systems, some we installed, and many the clients installed. This has not slowed down as we are going into Spring.


We have updated our email servers so if you cannot get hold of us via the phone please send an email over to us. We will get back to you ASAP!


The website has been doing well, something we have had to adapt to in the current situation. We were slow to start but now getting the parcels out more efficiently, most overnight. There are still some delays on equipment which are not made in the UK. We haven’t been affected by Brexit as such but many of our suppliers have which is taking some time to get things. Pipework is one of those things and the amount of pipework and fittings we sell is crazy, an example is 500 metres of 1.5” pipe per month is sold here! It’s made in Europe so at the moment 2” pipe is a struggle, but we are getting it in regular but in drips and part orders. Hopefully the full supply chain will be sorted ASAP.

We do try and buy as much UK made product as we can.


Updates on all our Koi and installs are put up on our Youtube channel which we try and post on twice a week.

You can see some of the new Koi we have in and some of the deals we have had. Plus ponds and other equipment videos.


Check some out here.


So please subscribe to the channel for much more information.


Thanks guys and we hope to see you all soon.

Tim and Paul.