The Royal Chelsea Flower Show 2020

A few years while in Japan with new clients we met a new client who is involved with raising and selling plants, Hostas to be exact.

We got to talking and found out that the client has won many gold medals at Chelsea flower show and he really wanted to be he first person in the history of the Show to take animals into the Grand Floral Pavilion. He jumped through a few hoops and has finally got the okay to allow a pond to be built within the pavilion. This is a huge event for all involved, the first time its ever been allowed in the main pavilion!!

He asked us if we would construct a pond where we can have some Koi as part of the stand. So we have!

The stand will include the pond, with around 6/7 large Koi, surrounded by beautiful plants, including Hosta, Acers and conifers.

Paul, from Brook Field Plants has now won 7 consecutive Gold medals at Chelsea Flower show, which is incredible.

The Show is open to the public from the 19th to the 23rd of May, 2020. So we thought it best we get cracking on the pond early.

Its a wooden structure and we will use a box welded liner. There are strict rules and regulations which means we cannot dig anywhere on the grounds, which is understandable. So the pond will be on a grass area. So we have now built the sides of the pond, which is super strong, it will hold around 10 tons of water (2200 gallons)

As this is a first, we need to make sure its perfect.

The pond will be filtered using a Evolution Aqua 20″ K1 micro bead, a EVO55w UV and a 20,000L Varipump. We are pretty excited to see it finished. This project should be great for our hobby.

As this is in the main area of the show, this is where all the filming is done for TV, and even where the queen walks past! I have made a quick video to explain the pond, and you can get a better idea of the size etc.

We will post more updates as we go, but its pretty much complete. It took around a day to complete.

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