We made it! Finally.

Well…that was an adventure.


As many will know there has been a bad Typhoon in Japan which has made some terrible damage. You will have read about it on the news no doubt. Some of the Rugby was called off and the Grand Prix had to change too. Not good at all.

We were supposed to fly out to Japan on Friday the 11th of October; however, the connection was cancelled due to the Typhoon. I cancelled that flight and re-booked on an Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi, on the 12th of October.

When I arrived at Manchester Airport, I checked in for the flight no problems, I sat down in the waiting area and got a phone call from Etihad… Not good. The connection in Abu Dhabi had been cancelled. They wanted me to stay in Manchester, but I thought I would have a better chance getting to Japan if I was in Abu Dhabi. So, I travelled.

Arrived in Abu Dhabi and sorted a Hotel, the plan was to call Etihad first thing the next morning and get my flight to Japan sorted. On arrival I got an email from Etihad saying they had booked me on the flight leaving Abu Dhabi on the 14th of October! Panic as I had clients flying out on the 13th. To their credit I called Etihad that next morning and within 2 minutes they sent me an email confirming I could fly on the 13th! Arriving 2 hours before my first clients arrived!

So that’s what I did, with a slight delay leaving Abu Dhabi…on a FULL flight. I have finally reached Tokyo. The trains are all running fine and I am due into Nagaoka this evening, where a well-deserved sleep will be had!

I am not one to complain but this is the 3rd trip to Japan this year…and my 3rd cancelled flight! In February we had to stay a night in Amsterdam due to weather…then in March we got stuck again in Holland…and we didn’t get our luggage and now this trip a 2-day delay! I know it can’t be helped but 3 times?!

I really cannot have any issues with Etihad, they have been superb throughout the whole delay. Constant updates and very helpful. The girl who I dealt with in Manchester on the way out to Abu Dhabi, her Father was into Koi and knew me! So, I even got a row to myself…Thanks Emma!

I would recommend Etihad to anyone; I will probably use them again even though it’s a longer flight time. Great service.


Anyway, the time for delays is over… We are in Japan! Very excited. Will not be able to add anything today as I won’t be in Nagaoka until around 6pm. Then it’s a long-awaited shower and maybe a small beer with the lads.


Pictures and videos tomorrow where get the trip started! Stay tuned to the Facebook page and this website.



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