Day 3 in the mountains. 2019 Spring buying trip.

A bit of a frustrating day as the breeders were finishing setting up the Young Koi Show and then many were taking their entrees down to the actual show. So not many about…However we did manage to see and buy a few Koi!

We had a quick trip to Ikarashi Ohzumi this morning to check out the Tosai, which were great. Then 10 mins up to Kase, where we saw an amazing Showa! A very beautiful Koi, a lot to do.


Then we headed back up the mountains and on the way back we called at Odakan for a look round, we found an amazing Ueno Showa which was just stunning, the Sumi is something else. This is going to be a fantastic Koi. 



She is a very high class Tategoi. 

Then we visited Myatora where we don’t usually buy many Koi but today 2 very nice Sansai stood out, a Gin Gin Showa which sparkles and a very nice Kohaku. The Gin Gin Showa is 60cm and the Kohaku close on 70cm! Huge Koi. 


Then a quick call in at Izumiya, one of my favourite guys in Japan. He even showed me this Kin Kabuto which is a stunning Koi. Yonsai and 74cm. Not everyones cup of tea but as the variety goes, a special Koi. I doubt there are many of this size and quality in the UK. 



Then a call into Marusho to check on a clients Koi that had been growing. Plus bought a few Nisai for the shop.

We will probably be visiting the Young Koi Show in Nagaoka tomorrow so will take some pictures and video. 


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