Natural Pond – Knutsford

This is not a Koi Pond. This is a natural pond we were asked to make clearer, and healthier.

The issue we had with this system was the ducks that the client has at the property, they are a very dirty animal so the pond was quite horrible and stagnant when we started.

First of all we completely emptied the pond and cut back all the over grown plants which were keeping a lot of dirt within the roots etc.

The pond was cleaned out and then re-filled.

We then constructed a plastic shed and got power into it. We really only need a circulation system because once the plants have grown and the water is moving, we hope the pond will reach its on eco system and start to work on its own. If we can get the correct balance of plants and fish, then the mechanical filter system will just help to get rid of the duck waste.

We decided to go for 3 Evolution Aqua Sieves running via 3 x 110EVO UV’s. So a total of 9 110 UV units. This was of course for clarity, the Cetus Sieves will just try and get as much waste out as possible. This is by no means a filtration system, its purely to circulate water and hope the UV will be enough to give us clarity.

When we ran the system at the start of January it did not take long for the Ducks to start messing it up.

At the end of February we introduced some trout in the pond. At this stage we could see about 12″ through the water, which was clear. It is a pump fed system and it will be impossible to get all the waste out but the Sieves were taking out ALOT.

After a month the Trout were really healthy and eating like crazy, its amazing to see how they feed. The system at the end of March is about 24″ Clear. Some standard Gold fish have now been added to the system.

The plant life has started to return and the water looks healthy too. No stagnant areas, it all seems to be moving about very well.

A larger pump will added shortly just to move water from the far side, but that will it.

It has been a great project to work on, and it seems to be really starting to work. I am sure in another month we will have clarity to the bottom.

We will take some pictures as the plant life fully grows back and the system really starts to work.



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