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Japanese Handling Nets – The very best Japanese Handling nets for Koi, used by the professionals. Amazing quality. These put the ones you buy in England to shame.

Matsuda Handling Nets are the VERY best Koi Handling nets in the world. They are excellent quality and are the best way of moving large Koi.

These nets have a 30cm opening and they hold water and have a net area at the end to release the water.

They come in a standard size handle and a long handle to save bending down to scoop the Koi. These nets are the Rolls Royce of Koi Handling nets, used by ALL the Japanese Breeders. They are the trusted nets of the breeders.

These are available ONLY when we are in Japan because we bring them back with us when we return.

When we return the nets will be posted directly to you within the UK.

If you are out of the UK please email us and I can give you the price difference for posting.

We only bring 6 Nets back and you can have the short or long handle. When you order we will email you to let us know which handle you require.


We are a fast growing business and the expansion over the last couple of years has been great. We currently have 2 facilities on the same site with a combined  20,000 gallons of sales ponds. We have a full range of dry goods which include our very own Koi Food range which we are extremely proud of, check out the reviews on the site. We are also a Evolution Aqua main dealer and we sell their entire range of products. Along with pumps, UV’s, filters and everything possible for the Koi Keeper. We also have a full range of pressure fittings in stock.

For more information about the Japanese Handling Nets don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can advise you on the best Japanese Handling Nets for your pond or aquarium. To browse our other Japanese Handling Nets click here.


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