Shipment date!!

We are pleased to announce the next shipment from our last buying trip to Japan will be arriving next week. 

This is only 2 weeks after we got back from the buying trip, so very fast getting back. 

They will arrive back at the facility late in the evening and they will go straight into the quarantine system where they will stay for a minimum of 4 weeks. This will depend on the Koi. 

The priority will be to test for virus antibodies the next day where we will take a direct sample from each breeder and test them. 

We will then complete 2 stages of heat ramping. This will satisfy us and our clients. 

We will add daily updates of the new Koi and you can check them out on our Facebook page. We will post pictures and Video. 

We are very excited about these Koi as we think they are superb, the selection is amazing. I cannot remember a variety we don’t have! We cannot wait to get these in.

So please keep an eye on this website and our facebook page. 

For clients who bought Koi when we were in Japan, please get in touch and we will arrange for you to see your Koi, after a certain amount of time. 


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