Coming toward the end of the trip – Spring Trip 2019

We are now in the later stages of the trip, so just finishing some orders before we make the final packing list. 

Its been a good trip, some really good Koi have been bought and will be shipped to the UK at the first opportunity so we can get them through QT.

The weather has pretty much held out for us so we were able to get around, the Japanese way of clearing snow still amazes me. In the UK we have a dusting of snow and the country comes to a halt, these guys just get the machines out and clear it. 

The Koi have been excellent, when I was here in February there was so many Koi being sold and I was a little worried hearing a few dealers telling me that Koi were not available. I was surprised. 

I have wanted to put more Koi on the website, but again we have sold quite a lot over here including some very special Dainichi Jumbo Tosai but most sold, there will be some available on the website when I get back.


Then today I was looking at Marusei for a high class Hi-Utsuri, and I found one. Such a nice example, the Sumi is excellent. 


We have Tosai coming in from 

  • Yagenji
  • Shintaro
  • Miyatora
  • Dainichi
  • Marusei
  • Masaki
  • Marusada

This is the best selection we have ever brought in. The variety is incredible. 

As we buy ALL our Koi on site while we are in Japan we can give the customer full assurance we have picked the very best Koi available. We never buy from online lists or wholesale Koi. We actually come here and select the Tosai we are bring back to the UK. Its the very best way our clients know they are getting the best selection of Tosai, and any other Koi. 

It is not just Tosai we are bringing back, we have some amazing Nisai from

  • Shintaro
  • Marusei
  • Yamazaki
  • Iwashita
  • Miyatora
  • Maruhiro
  • Marusho (Mushigame)

And more…

I will try my very best to get Koi up on the website for sale ASAP. It is very difficult as people coming in the shop wanting to see them and buy them. 

The Koi will be quarantined at Quality Nishikigoi and we will be putting updates on our Facebook site and this website. So please check for updates. 

People who have bought Koi on this trip will be able to to check on their Koi earlier but please get in touch when the Koi arrive and we will accommodate you. We leave it to the Koi to tell us when they are ready. 

We still have another day in the mountains so will post more tomorrow. 

A few pictures from today, the Mountains look very beautiful, They will be missed!





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