Spring Koi buying Trip to Japan 2019 – Day 7

We have been here a week already!! Time goes so quickly over here, it’s crazy. 

Another good day around the mountains, filling a few orders and also buying some more of the same from yesterday as people were buying quite a few of yesterdays Koi. We have been surprised at the availability this year, usually its difficult to find the Koi we are looking for but its been very good, some brilliant Tosai coming back to the shop. Including the Marusada Tosai we handpicked on the first day of the trip. These will be starting at £25.00, along with many more from other breeders. Will be an amazing selection, so much variety. 

Today we made a quick stop at Yamazaki, the pond I wanted to look at was a bit cloudy so he called me this morning to say the pond level had been dropped. Picked up some really nice Shiro Utsuri which are coming back to the shop and some other Koi. The Goshiki is very nice. Please watch all the Video in HD!


Then a visit to Marusei where yesterday he brought in some lovely Nisai, I could not resist getting an extra box as many of yesterdays Koi have sold already. The quality is excellent. I cannot wait to get them back to the shop. The Showa have the most intense colours, so good. 




A always, if you require any further information just shoot us an email info@qualitynishikigoi.com

Or text Tim on 07793819945. 

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