Japan Spring buying trip 2019. Day 6.

Sorry for no post yesterday, we were taken out for a beautiful meal by the team at Shintaro Koi Farm, it was a BBQ place where you cook your own stuff, really good! A big thank you to Masaru Saito and Kosuke and Kensuke for taking us and our clients out. Was excellent. 

Today was the last day for a customer with us so we just had to get the last bits of what he needed, which he did, and then get him back to the station. The only hassle was the snow we had today, absolutely crazy! Like 12″ in an hour! We still managed, the car we have has snow tyres still. 

We managed to buy some amazing small Nisai today, however when I posted on our Facebook page everyone kind of went crazy and most are now sold. There are still some available but when they get back to the shop. 


 If you need any further information then please email us info@qualitynishikigoi.com or contact Tim on text/whatsapp 07793819945. 


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