Japan Spring trip 2019 – Day 5

The Young Koi Show was still on today but we managed to see some breeders and see some amazing Koi. It is amazing what you stumble upon when you have no plans.

I have bought Koi in the past from a breeder called Iwashita in Mushigame village, he has some really good one of pieces. Some excellent variety away from Go-Sanke. Today we picked up 10 Nisai which will be coming back to the UK. Some great examples of Kin Showa, KikoKuryu and a very nice Tancho Goshiki. 


I also saw one of the best Gin Gin Ochiba I have ever seen, the Gin Gin on this Koi is something else, a true excellent example. Check out the Video below. 



Then we headed to Marusho (Mushigame) where we confirmed some orders and moved them, while there I saw an AMAZING Ai-Gormo, Sansai. Just amazing…



Tomorrow, all the breeders will be back at their facilities working hard! (I hope)


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